The festival of rakhi signifies the indispensable bond of love and trust between brother and sister. On this particular occasion, a sister ties rakhi – the thread of love, affection, and care – on the wrist of her dear brother. In return, brother presents her gifts and money and promises to protect her till his death. The exchange of chocolates and gifts is the main ingredient of the festival. Nowadays, people having a hectic schedule, and in this fast-moving time, it becomes pretty challenging to go out in the market and search for rakhis. But, thanks to online gifting portals, you can either browse a reliable E-shop or if you can create enough, then making designer rakhis at your place can be a great thought. And customizing a colorful rakhi at residence is not as tough as most ladies think. All they need is a creative mindset. It will make your brother feel that their sisters have undergone designing a creatively customized holy thread for him. Most importantly, it will bring a million-dollar smile to your loved one’s face to see which you are waiting for a long time.

A sacred designer thread of this type would surely be an ideal to be used regularly without thinking twice. So, if you are willing to create something unique for your lovely sister, then this write is for you; brothers can get a cue from these ideas:

1. Customize Coffee/Tea Mug

Customize Coffee/Tea Mug

It does not matter whether we are a Lark or an evening person; tea/coffee is the very first thing we want to wake ourselves. This Raksha Bandhan, if your sister loves Tea/Coffee, then a personalized coffee mug is surely going to amaze her. It might be possible that she has many mugs, but the joy of a handcrafted mug is special. So, follow these steps and surprise your lovely sister:

  • Take a White or designer ceramic Coffee Mug.
  • Decorate the Mug with some acrylic paint.
  • You can also use some glitter or sparkles to add a glittery look.
  • Spread the glue on the bottom of the Mug, sprinkle glitter, and let the glue dry.
  • Later, blow the extra glitter from the Mug.
  • Take a permanent marker and write Best Sister, Lovely Dear, Best Sister in the World; use any of these and wrap it with beautiful wrapping sheets.

2. Captivating Bookmarks

Captivating Bookmarks

If your sister is a bookworm, then a guy’s bookmarks are an idol DIY Raksha Bandhan gifts, for she will be happier to receive any worldly thing. Anyone can make these bookmarks; it does require much time, and you do not have to be an Einstein of creativity. Just follow the mentioned steps:

  • Take cardboard, cut them in a rectangular shape.
  • Pick your paintbrush and draw some creative shapes, later paint it.
  • You can also decorate the cardboard with colored paper and write some quotes on it.
  • Make as many bookmarks as you want to gift your sister and gift her along with her favorite Book or Novel.

3. Tempting Photo-Frames

Tempting Photo-Frames

It is an excellent gift; that you can present your sister to Raksha Bandhan to express your love by giving these personalized photo frames. Photo frame as a gift will express your feelings to your sister in many ways. Customized photo frames can be unique return rakhi gifts for sisters, and they will contain the whole personal message you intend to gift to your sister on rakhi 2022. With the following steps, you can make unique photo-frames at your home:

  • Take the cardboard and cut it into two rectangles of different shapes.
  • Place the giant rectangular cardboard over the smaller one.
  • Decorate the outer rectangular shape with unique designs and glue some artificial pearls and gems.
  • Then, paste a lovely photograph of you and your sister n the hollowed space.
  • Make a stand and fix it at the back of the frame.
  • Pack it and gift your sister.

4. Mason-Jar


Having an elder sister is a blessing; she is not less than your mother. She is your savior, best friend, secret keeper, well-wisher, and many more characters that she plays for you. And in return, if you find it difficult to express your feelings for her, make a DIY gift for her. So, this Raksha Bandhan presents her a Mason Jar, a jar of feelings:

  • Take a mason jar. These are readily available on any online or offline store.
  • Give words to your emotions and pen down your heart on chart paper.
  • Cut down the messages and roll them into notes.
  • Fill the jar with notes and candies.
  • Pack the Jar beautifully and amaze her.

5. Fish-pot


There is no greater joy for a sister born with green thumbs than getting potted beauties. This rakhi season, make a designer fish-pot and gift it to your sister-evergreen handcrafted Fish-pot at home:

  • Buy a glass gota vase, colorful pebbles, and artificial plants, and a pair of Gold-fish.
  • Decorate the Vase with colorful pebbles, plants, and other attractive stuff.
  • You can also place hardy plants like the snake plant, jade plant, or any succulent plant.
  •  Later, fill the Vase with lukewarm water and put the pair of goldfish into it.

6. Candles

After a hectic and super tiring day, all your sister wants an ambient atmosphere and restful slumber. Scented candles in her room, along with her favorite music, will give her a conducive environment. Let’s make a homemade rakhi gift in the form of scented candles for our lovely sister.

  • Take wax, melt it in a pan on a medium flame. `
  • Add little fragrance oil or petals of the flowers in the melted wax.
  • Pour the wax into a candle stand or small transparent containers.
  • Attach the wick.
  • Wait for the wick to get secured and wax to solidify.
  • Cut the wick if it is too long.
  • Pack it with a colorful wrapper and present it to your sister.

7. Personalized Photo-Albums

Personalized Photo-Albums

A thoughtful gift will overwhelm her and leave her dazed. So, spice up this festival of sibling’s bond with a personalized handmade photo album. If you cannot go outside and having a creative mind, then make DIY photo albums at your home, with some easy steps:

  • Buy a black chart-paper, glittery pen, glue, colorful ribbons, stickers from a local stationary shop.
  • Cut the black-chart paper into your favorite geometric shape (square, rectangle, or Oval).
  • Print out colorful photos of you and your sister; having photos from childhood is icing on the cake.
  • Paste all the images on the chart paper and write creative thoughts on that moment with a glitter pen.
  •  Make an album of 15-20 pages, bind all the pages, and make a beautiful cover page.
  •  Pack it with colorful ribbons and gift it to your beloved sister.

Final Verdict

The list of DIY Rakhi gifts is pretty long. But I have added gifts that brothers can make without sweat and being super-duper creative. All these DIY gifts are thoughtful and beautiful and will make the sister feel all your love warmth. You can also browse some online gifting portals to get designer and beautifully decorated handmade rakhi gifts. Rakhi.in is a reliable E-shop; visit the site, and you will get a wide variety of gifts under an acceptable price range.

Celebrate Raksha Bandhan with 7 amazing DIY Rakhi Gift Ideas!!

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