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Raksha Bandhan is a beautiful Indian festival that symbolizes deep love and care between siblings. No matter how old people grow, people always want to take advantage of the opportunity of celebrating Raksha Bandhan with their siblings. And when one of the siblings resides in the US, they take the help of the best Rakhi delivery website from India to USA, i.e., Check out the catalog below if you also want to join the group of those amazing siblings who send Rakhi and Raksha Bandhan gifts every year to their siblings residing in USA using the best services from our website. Pick your favorite Rakhi and gifts and send Rakhi to USA from India to celebrate the auspicious festival of Raksha Bandhan despite all the geographical distance between you and your sibling.

Designer Rakhi to USA

  • Ganesh Mauli Rakhi
    Ganesh Mauli Rakhi
    ₹ 2249.00
  • Unique Rakhi
    Unique Rakhi
    ₹ 2199.00
  • Special Vibrant Rakhi
    Special Vibrant Rakhi
    ₹ 2189.00
  • Triple Beads Rakhi
    Triple Beads Rakhi
    ₹ 2149.00

Rakhi Sweets to USA

  • Symphony of Siblings Gift Set
    Symphony of Siblings Gift Set
    ₹ 3149.00
  • Rakhi Harmony Package
    Rakhi Harmony Package
    ₹ 3809.00
  • Traditional Fourfold Bonanza
    Traditional Fourfold Bonanza
    ₹ 3819.00
  • Embellished Rakhi Combo
    Embellished Rakhi Combo
    ₹ 3919.00

Rakhi and Chocolates to USA

  • Kitkat Rakhi Fiesta
    Kitkat Rakhi Fiesta
    ₹ 2749.00
  • Cherishing Rakhi Set with Cadbury
    Cherishing Rakhi Set with Cadbury
    ₹ 2949.00
  • Rakhi Ghirardelli Reminiscence
    Rakhi Ghirardelli Reminiscence
    ₹ 2749.00
  • Traditional Twin Joy Bundle
    Traditional Twin Joy Bundle
    ₹ 3979.00

Recent Reviews

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  • Virushi

    28 Aug

    Cute Rakhi. My nephew is happy to receive it before Rakhi.

  • Sukanya

    28 Aug


  • Lata

    28 Aug

    My Rakhi gift was delivered smoothly to my brother. Thanks.

Rakhi Delivery in USA with free shipping via online store

The rituals observed on Raksha Bandhan hold utter significance in Indian traditions and for Hindus across the globe. To kids, Rakhi tying ritual, reciting tales of Lord Krishna and Draupadi, Lord Krishan and Subhadra, Kuber and Goddess Lakshmi, etc., holds great religious significance. Apart from this, gift sharing, merrymaking, having food together, fun times, and happiness are integral to this exclusive sibling festival. If you desire to astonish your siblings living in the USA, you can send Rakhi to USA and special Rakhi gifts without hassle. But the concern arises when you watch your budget because, including shipping charges, you have to pay a huge amount, making it difficult to place an order that's out of your budget. offers an avenue to send Rakhi to USA with free shipping to your brother. The USA has a huge Indian population which is augmenting every day. So has decided to make it simple for our vast customer base in USA to place their orders efficiently and without paying extra charges for shipping. So, don’t think twice and send Rakhi to US via and make Raksha Bandhan memorable.

Wide Varieties of Beautiful & Trending Rakhi Choices:

Types of RakhiRakhi HampersRelationship
Designer Rakhi to USA Rakhi with sweets to USA Rakhi for Brother to USA
Lumba Rakhi to USA Rakhi with dryfruits to USA Rakhi for Bhaiya Bhabhi to USA
Silver Rakhi to USA Rakhi with Chocolates to USA Rakhi for Kids to USA
Pearl Rakhi to USA Rakhi with mug to USA Rakhi for Elder brother to USA
Bracelet Rakhi to USA Rakhi with Flower to USA Rakhi for cousin Brother to USA

Send Rakhi to USA from India with ease

There was a time when siblings used to surrender to their circumstances and stop celebrating Raksha Bandhan due to their geographical distances. But those times are now gone. Now, people's mindsets and technology have advanced. People have learned to get things done by hook or crook, and technology gives them full support. So, if you think you cannot celebrate Raksha Bandhan with your sibling residing in USA, then think again because is here to help you. We have swift and efficient delivery services available in USA. Our customers can send Rakhi to USA from India by selecting their choicest products from our catalog.

Whether your brother lives in USA for his higher studies or his job, the distance cannot justify not celebrating an auspicious festival like Raksha Bandhan. So, leave all the excuses aside and check out our Rakhi to USA portal to send Rakhi to your brother. Imagine his reaction after receiving a parcel from India with his sister’s name written on it on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. He will be overjoyed and will probably shed some happy tears too. But that’s what you call a successful plan, isn’t it? To give your brother the most unexpected surprise on a special day. After successfully initiating the plan, notice how your brother will wear that precious thread of Rakhi on his wrist and won’t take it off easily.

Here are some examples of how you can place an order to a specific location in USA to deliver Rakhi from India via

  1. Send Rakhi from India to California via
  2. Send Rakhi from India to New York via
  3. Send Rakhi from India to New Jersey via
  4. Send Rakhi from India to Texas via
  5. Send Rakhi from India to Illinois via
  6. Send Rakhi from India to Florida via

A mesmerizing collection of unique Rakhis a to deliver to USA

Raksha Bandhan is indeed a special celebration. So for this beautiful and memorable celebration, we present you a captivating range of Rakhis that would surely decorate the wrist of your handsome brothers staying in the USA.

  • Send Zardosi Rakhi to USA from India: India is full of multiple types of embroideries native to multiple regions, and Zardosi is one of them. This is the beautiful Zardosi Rakhi, made from shining and high-class material and shaped in beautiful flowers and petals is considered one of the most beautiful Rakhis. Send Zardosi Rakhi to USA from India and let your tradition shine and bring in a foreign land.
  • Send kids Rakhi to USA: You will get the adorable kids Rakhi at our portal. Our Rakhi range includes all the cartons and beautiful Rakhi, which would surely win the heart of little ones. You can tie these rakhis to your younger sibling or nephew in USA. Send kids Rakhi to USA and make this Raksha Bandhan the most memorable for your little ones.
  • Send stone Rakhi to USA: Colourful stone work Rakhi looks breathtakingly beautiful. They have beautiful designs and details that give a stunning effect once a person wears them on their wrist. We have an exquisite collection of stone Rakhis. These Rakhis would surely leave a long-lasting impression on your dearest brothers.
  • Send swastika Rakhi to USA: The Swastika is acknowledged as the most auspicious sign in Hindu culture. It is associated with Lord Ganesh and is believed to bring positivity and prosperity to people's lives. So let’s decorate the wrist of your brothers with wonderful and eye-catchy Swastika Rakhis. These Rakhis would surely protect them from evil eyes.
  • Send Silver Rakhi to USA: If you are looking for the most trending Rakhi to send to USA to your brother, then opt for Silver Rakhi. This one constantly trends every year and is the best seller of all time. It comes in multiple designs and styles, each of which will mesmerize you with its beauty. Order now and get an early delivery of silver Rakhi to USA from India.

These are some popular options for the best Rakhi to send to the USA from India. But our website's collection doesn't end here. There are multiple other designs available on our portal that are no less than the Rakhis mentioned above. You must check all of them before deciding which Rakhi you want to send to the USA to your brother. It will help you select the best design for your brother that he will like and celebrate a Rakhi full of love, concern, and satisfaction.

How to send Rakhi to USA from India via

Here are the simple steps you need to follow to send Rakhi to USA from India via If, in any case, you find difficulty placing your order, feel free to contact our customer care executive anytime.

  1. Visit and go to the 'send Rakhi to USA’ page
  2. Now, check out the entire catalog properly, and shortlist the products that you like based on their design, your budget, and customer reviews.
  3. Add all the selected products to the bucket you want to send to your brother in the USA. Remember to check out the 'add-ons’ section while checking out from the website to place the order. It can help you add more products individually to the order.
  4. Add the delivery details where you want to deliver the Rakhi with gifts to USA and make the payment for your order.
  5. Hit the final button, and your order placement is done.

Now, with a booming order placement of Rakhi for brother in USA, wait for the final delivery. And if you want, you can track your delivery details and your parcel's whereabouts through the order tracking number that will provide you via mail. It will help you know when exactly your parcel will reach its destination in USA and help you calm your excitement.

A Delightful Rakhi Celebration with Rakhi Gifts Delivery in USA

Rakhi and Rakhi gifts play a crucial role during Raksha Bandhan. Thanks to technology, we have helped you build this relatively easy platform to buy Rakhi online and send it with love to your brother.

We also have the option of same-day delivery to your online store! You can order at our online store and get the best Rakhi delivered to your brother's doorstep. We have a collection of fancy, trendy, and latest Rakhis. We can assure you that you will love your shopping experience at our online store.

Here's how the Raksha Bandhan celebration is not limited to India or USA

The distance between USA and India is approximately 13,568 km, but that does not mean this distance should come between you and your sibling during the Raksha Bandhan celebration. When has your back, you can effortlessly send Rakhi and rakhi gifts to and fro between India and USA.

You must be wondering if you can only send Rakhi from India to USA as Raksha Bandhan is the native festival of India. As much as having this thought is valid, the answer differs from your expectation. We do not deliver Rakhi only to those orders that are placed from India. Still, we provide the facility of placing Rakhi orders from anywhere across the globe to deliver Rakhi at your selected address. Here’s a better way to understand it.

Send Rakhi from USA to India via

When you receive Rakhi in the USA from India from your sister, you will have the urge to send her a gift. provides services of delivering Rakhi and Raksha Bandhan gifts from USA to India. If you are a sister who resides in USA and wishes to send Rakhi to India to your brother, you can use services from to send Rakhi from USA to India. We provide swift facilities for delivering Rakhi from USA to India. You can deliver Rakhi from any American city to any Indian city without worries. Celebrate a fulfilling and love filed Raksha Bandha with us despite all the geographical distance between you and your sibling. Send Rakhi from USA to India via and indulge in a virtual celebration of this glorious festival.

Send Rakhi from worldwide to USA from

As we have mentioned earlier, is a versatile website that provides the facility of ordering Rakhi from anywhere in the world and delivering it to your choicest address. If your sibling lives in the USA and you also live outside India, and both of you wish to celebrate Raksha Bandhan, then take our help and place your order. We provide delivery of Rakhi, traditional Indian sweets, gift hampers, personalized goodies, combos, and all sorts of Raksha Bandhan essentials to USA. As we have mentioned, the order of placing doesn't matter when placing an order with what matters is our responsibility to deliver your heartfelt feelings in the form of gifts to your loved ones. So, order now and send Rakhi to USA from across the globe. Here are a few examples of how you can do it:

  1. Send Rakhi from Canada to USA via
  2. Send Rakhi from Singapore to USA via
  3. Send Rakhi from UAE to USA via
  4. Send Rakhi from UK to USA via
  5. Send Rakhi from Australia to USA via
  6. Send Rakhi from New Zealand to USA via
  7. Send Rakhi from India to USA via

All these and a lot more, provides facilities in 100+ countries, so feel free to avail of our services. Looking at the abovementioned examples, you would have understood how we work. But there's still more to know about because our services don’t end here.

Send Rakhi worldwide from USA via

Another way to understand our delivery services is by understanding how we provide Rakhi delivery globally from USA. As we have mentioned multiple times, you can place an order from anywhere and deliver it safely and on time to the USA. Similarly, you can place your Rakhi order from the USA and deliver it worldwide with free shipping. provides efficient Rakhi delivery services in more than 100+ countries. This means we cover more than half of the globe to ensure people can celebrate Raksha Bandhan without any hassles. If you live in USA and want to send Rakhi to your brother residing outside USA, or you wish to send Raksha Bandhan presents to your sister residing in a different country, place an order from our portal and get your parcel delivered from USA to a different country with ease. Here are some examples of how you can send Rakhi from USA to across the globe:

It doesn’t matter whether you live in any of the countries mentioned above or in a different country; place your Rakhi order from USA and get it delivered globally via We provide Rakhi delivery facilities to and fro from multiple countries.

Send Rakhi from USA to USA

Another category of services provided by for Rakhi delivery services in America includes Rakhi delivery within USA. This means that helps people send Rakhi from USA to USA via Sometimes, siblings or cousins live in the same country but in different cities. In that case, they must sacrifice celebrating multiple festivals with each other, knowing they cannot always travel to meet each other on multiple occasions amid their respective work. helps such people celebrate Raksha Bandhan peacefully by helping them deliver Rakhi from one US city to another. You can take the help of our portal and place your Rakhi order for delivery within USA. Here's how it works:

  1. Send Rakhi from California to New York via
  2. Send Rakhi from New York to New Jersey via
  3. Send Rakhi from New Jersey to Texas via
  4. Send Rakhi from Texas to Illinois via
  5. Send Rakhi from Illinois to Florida via
  6. Send Rakhi from Florida to Virginia via
  7. Send Rakhi from Virginia to Pennsylvania via
  8. Send Rakhi from Pennsylvania, Georgia, via
  9. Send Rakhi from Georgia to Maryland via
  10. Send Rakhi from Maryland to California via

Isn't that amazing to have a company that can tirelessly send Rakhi to and fro from city to city, country to country during Raksha Bandhan? If you appreciate such a website, place your Raksha Bandhan order for the USA from and encourage us always to serve you with even better facilities.

A great collection of Raksha Bandhan essentials to send to USA for other family members

We at have several gift options for other family members too that can be presented to them on Raksha Bandhan. Since Indian festivals are about bonding and including everyone in festivities, that is why, people believe in gifting something to everyone in the family. If you want to send something to your other relatives in the USA from India, you can also trust for those services. Check out the gifts listed on our portal to send to USA and select them for your family members other than your brother. They will surely enjoy it as it will be delivered straight to their doorstep on time and in the best condition. So, avail of our free shipping Rakhi and gift services to USA and make this Raksha Bandhan merrier.

Raksha Bandhan 2023 muhurat, date and auspicious time for New York City, New York, USA

  • Raksha Bandhan on Wednesday, August 30, 2023
  • Raksha Bandhan Thread Ceremony Time - 11:31 AM to 09:35 PM
  • Duration - 10 Hours 03 Mins
  • Purnima Tithi Begins - 01:28 AM on Aug 30, 2023
  • Purnima Tithi Ends - 09:35 PM on Aug 30, 2023

Get Rakhi delivery in all cities in USA from

Whether your brothers reside in any city in the USA, we deliver Rakhis and Rakhi gifts across the USA in a hassle-free manner. Let’s choose and send Rakhi to USA with ease.

New York Los Angeles Chicago Houston
Philadelphia Phoenix San Antonio San Diego
Detroit San Jose Austin Jacksonville
San Francisco Indianapolis Columbus Fort Worth
Charlotte Seattle El Paso Dallas - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A. If you want to send Rakhi along with chocolate to USA, then it is just a piece of cake with the help of You have to visit our portal and choose your desired Rakhi with chocolate hamper, and mention the right address of the place where in USA you want to send this hamper. Within the committed time, your Rakhi with chocolate hamper will reach your brother's doorstep.
A. Our site is just the perfect place for a thoughtful yet attractive Rakhi gift to USA. Here, you will surely get the most wonderful yet thoughtful Rakhi gift you can send to your sweet siblings. Also, placing the order of online Rakhi gifts to USA on this portal is relatively easy due to our user-friendly platform.

A. You can send multiple Rakhis to USA from India via depending upon your choice. You can opt for a Zardosi rakhi, Pearl rakhi, Sandalwood Rakhi, or eco-friendly Rakhi, or send silver Rakhi to USA from our website with free shipping.

A. Yes, we have a full kids' Rakhi collection with a Rakhi gift hamper for kids to send to USA. You can choose from multiple options and designs in Kids Rakhi, where you will find multiple types of cartoons, video game characters, funky designs, and multiple other fictional characters.

A. is the best and most reliable website for delivering Rakhi from India to USA. The website has a strong base in the States, ensuring your Rakhi delivery takes place on time and in the best condition.

A. Yes, you can send Rakhi with Cake to USA from India via The ‘send Rakhi to USA' portal on our website lists all the available options for Rakhi with cake to the USA. You can choose which combo you want to send to your brother overseas, and will deliver the products for you.
A. is the most budget-friendly website to send Rakhi to USA. The company offers high-quality products, the best Rakhi designs, and on-time and safe delivery of products at a minimal price. You can order your Rakhi from here and save money while enthusiastically celebrating the festival.

A. You can deliver Rakhi to USA from India via The website provides the best quality products at minimal rates and free shipping to USA. You can place your order easily from as their user interface is very easy to operate. Order now and celebrate a Happy Raksha Bandhan with your sibling residing in USA.

A. covers all major American cities to deliver Rakhi from India to USA. You can send Rakhi to California, New York, New Jersey, Texas, Illinois, Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Maryland, and multiple other American cities and states without worrying about the possibility of delivery. We will deliver your Rakhi parcel anywhere in USA for you.

A. No, you can send Rakhi to USA from any international location via We deliver Rakhis to and from 100+ countries globally, so there is no issue in sending Rakhi to USA from a different country than India.