Rakhi Meanings

Rakhi is a special thread that a sister ties on the wrist of brother. It is a thread which signifies the love of a sister for her brother. As Raksha Bandhan is approaching, so this Raksha Bandhan ties the beautiful yet highly auspicious Rakhis to the brother that will not only show your love for brother but also bring happiness in his life. There are so many types of Rakhi, you will see in the market but here let’s see which would be the best for brother. Below is the list of Rakhis which have great religious significance and high auspiciousness. Let’s have a glance-

1. Rudraksha Rakhi

Rudraksha beads have great significance in Hindu Mythology. These beads are used for the special jewelry of Lord Shiva and signify love, respect, care, and affection. Also, Rudraksha is considered good for wealth and well being. Let’s tie a Rakhi made from Rudraksha Beads on the wrist of brother and brings luck, happiness and peace in his life. Make Raksha Bandhan special for dearest brother by your special Rudraksha Rakhi.

Rudraksha Rakhi

2. Sandalwood Rakhi

Sandalwood Rakhi has high importance from ancient times. It’s natural and pleasing fragrance is perfect to put a wide smile on the face of a brother. Sandalwood Rakhi is highly in trend, it is auspicious yet very voguish Rakhi. Brother will surely appreciate its stunning ethnic look.

Sandalwood Rakhi

3. Kundan Rakhi

Kundan is a set of gemstones with gold foil between stones and its mount. It is one of the traditional Rakhi which is acknowledged for its divine, religious and precious importance from the ancient days. This Raksha Bandhan decorates the wrist of a brother with the most gorgeous yet highly auspicious Rakhi.

Kundan Rakhi

4. Golden Rakhi

Gold is highly auspicious metal among all metals. It is a symbol of the Hindu Goddess of prosperity, good fortune and wealth i.e. Lakshmi. That’s the reason, people consider gold Rakhi the best one for beloved brother. This Raksha Bandhan brings good fortune, luck, love and happiness in the brother’s life by tying him propitious gold Rakhi.

Golden Rakhi

5. Lumba Rakhi

Lumba Rakhi is especially tied to sister-in-law. It is believed that this auspicious Rakhi brings sister and Bhabhi more closely than ever. It is a thread of love a sister ties to Bhabhi that shows her love for Bhabhi. Also, Lumba Rakhi is a thread of wellbeing and good health of Bhabhi.

Lumba Rakhi

6. Om Rakhi

Om is the most spiritual symbol that firstly found in Upanishads which holds high religious importance. Om is the symbol which is used in most prayers. Om Rakhi is an ideal Rakhi which will not only protect brother from evil eyes but also bring peace & happiness in brother’s life.

OM Rakhi

7. Swastika Rakhi

The swastika is an ancient religious icon in Hindu mythology that considers the best one to bring peace, happiness and love. Swastika Rakhi is an ideal Rakhi to tie on the wrist of brother. This Rakhi will protect brother from all bad spirits. It is a traditional Rakhi which is highly cherished among people for its uniqueness.

Swastika Rakhi

8. Mauli Rakhi

Mauli Rakhi is a bright yellow and red color holy thread which has high religious importance. This traditional Rakhi will go perfect for the celebration of Raksha Bandhan. This beautiful sacred thread will make the brother feel that how much her sister love her.

Mauli Rakhi

9. Kids Rakhi

Kids Rakhi are designed for delighting the kids and made from the soft thread. The designs of these rakhis match the innocence of the kids. Kids Rakhi is a sacred thread which brings a wide and beautiful smile on the face of kids.

Kids Rakhi

10. Zardosi Rakhi

Rakhi made from the Zardosi material is one of the most beautiful Rakhi. Zardosi Rakhi is auspicious Rakhi and it is considered a precious thread which strengthens the bond of love a brother and sister shares.

Zardosi Rakhi

11. Navratna Rakhi

Navratna Rakhi is made up of nine types of jewels. Navratna Rakhi is best and mostly tied Rakhi from the ancient time. It is the Rakhi which decorates the wrist of a brother as well as brings happiness in his life. This Rakhi shows that how much precious brother is for the sister.

Navratna Rakhi

12. Ressam Dhaga Rakhi

Rasam Dhaga also called Silk thread is one of the most graceful and beautiful thread which has great significance in Indian culture. Silk thread Rakhi is acknowledged most propitious Rakhi for the brother. Its skin-friendly thread feels soft on the skin. This is a sacred thread which makes the wonderful Rakhi for the brother.

Ressam Dhaga Rakhi

13. Silver Rakhi

Silver is one of the most propitious metals which are used for holy things. That’s the reason; most of the sisters choose silver Rakhi for their brothers because it brings, luck, happiness and peace in the brothers’ life and protects them from bad spirits.

Silver Rakhi