Rakhi Thali Decoration

Just like other Hindu festivals, the festival of Raksha Bandhan also requires a beautiful and profuse Puja Thali containing every religious item to offer prayers to God and perform an aarti of brothers before going further with the Rakhi tying ceremony. As this festival holds immense significance in the relationship of a brother and sister, there should be no loopholes in performing the rituals to bestow brother with a long and healthy life. The Rakhi thali becomes a piece of attraction in every household and must contain each and every Puja item to successfully accomplish the Rakhi ceremony with perfection.

Here are some wonderful ornamental ideas that will help you embellish your Rakhi Thalis in the most exquisite way.

1. Traditional Rakhi Thali Decoration

Going by the traditional way on festivals is the best way to celebrate them with loved ones. It's like being in the vicinity of your rich culture and traditions. Therefore, picking a traditional Rakhi Thali is certainly a great idea to perform the Raksha Bandhan rituals. Get to know here how to make this incredible Rakhi thali at home-

Traditional Rakhi Thali Decoration
  • Pick a brass or a silver thali for the Rakhi Puja owing to their auspiciousness.
  • Make a 'Swastik' or an 'Om' in the middle of the thali with the help of a paste made with roli and turmeric.
  • Once the paste has dried, sprinkle some flower petals on the thali.
  • Take small silver or brass containers and put roli and rice in them. In the center of 'Swastik' or an 'Om', place a lit diya.
  • In a small bowl, place some pieces of your brother's favorite sweet and place your Rakhi in the Puja thali.

2. Flower Rakhi Thali Decoration

The offering of flowers to the deities is an age-old tradition and therefore, these natural beauties have become an important element in performing various kinds of Pujas on festivals. As blossoms are one of the most beautiful items found on plates of worship, hence decorating a rakhi thali with a floral theme is certainly a wonderful idea. Go for roses, hibiscus, gerberas or marigold for a bright colorful thali!

Flower Rakhi Thali Decoration
  • Pick the prettiest flowers of your choice from the florist to decorate your Rakhi Thali.
  • Cut the stems of these flowers and put some adhesive on their bottom to stick them to the plate.
  • Stick the big ones on the brim of the thali and the smaller ones in the middle.
  • Once the flowers have nicely pasted on the Rakhi thali, now put the containers containing roli and chawal on it.
  • Keep a small lit diya in the middle of the plate, your rakhi on the side, some sweets in a small plate, and a betel nut.

3. Royal Silver Rakhi Thali Decoration

Festivals in India are amazing manifestations of rich Indian culture and traditions. Silver thalis have long been associated with performing religious rituals under Hindu customs and traditions. So, picking up a silver thali will definitely add auspiciousness to your rakhi ceremony. Be royal and elegant this Raksha Bandhan and select a designer silver thali that speaks of elegance and rich culture. Learn here how to make it-

Royal Silver Rakhi Thali Decoration
  • Take a silver Thali and place three silver bowls in it which contains religious items like roli, chawal, and turmeric in them.
  • Take a small Puja lamp and place it in the center of the thali.
  • Now, place idols of Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha in it with some flowers.
  • Place your selected rakhis in it along with some sweets on the plate.
  • Your Rakhi thali is ready!

4. Bandhani Rakhi Thali Decoration

Wearing Bandhani clothes on auspicious occasions like Navratri is an age-old tradition. This cloth is even used to drape Goddess Maa Durga owing to its piousness. Therefore, decorating your Rakhi Puja Thali with a Bandhani cloth and lace and gotta patti is a wonderful idea. To make this Thali, follow the below steps-

Bandhani Rakhi Thali Decoration
  • Take steel, brass, or any other thali and stick the Bandhani cloth on it with the help of an adhesive. Let the adhesive to try.
  • Meanwhile, take two small earthen containers, and paint them in the matching colors of the cloth. Leave them to dry.
  • Once the adhesive has dried and the cloth is nicely stuck on the plate, Take a lace with gotta patti work and stick it on the brim of the plate. Let it dry.
  • Put kumkum and chawal in the painted containers and place them on the thali.
  • In the center of the plate, place a diya.
  • Put some sweets on this thali along with your rakhis and some flower petals.
  • Your thali is ready!

5. Sandalwood Thali Decoration

Sandalwood holds religious connotations in the Hindu religion. It is applied on Gods like Lord Shiva on the occasion of Shivratri owing to its cool and refreshing qualities. Sandalwood is used in various religious rituals by devotes. Having so many divine attributes, sandalwood certainly deserves a big place in the Rakhi thali decorations to bestow the brothers with divine blessings.

Sandalwood Thali Decoration
  • Firstly, you need to make a thick paste using Sandalwood powder and water.
  • Now, apply this paste on the selected Puja thali nicely without leaving any gaps or spaces.
  • Once the paste has dried and properly set on the plate, make a Swastik in the middle of the plate with kumkum paste. Let it dry.
  • Sprinkle some petals of roses and marigold on the plate.
  • Place diya, incense sticks, sweets, roli and chawal, and rakhis on the plate.
  • Your beautiful rakhi thali is ready!

6. Mehandi Thali Decoration

Mehandi is considered very auspicious in Hindu customs. Women apply this art on their hands and feet on extremely auspicious occasions like marriages, Navratri, Diwali, and also on Raksha Bandhan. So, why not bring this amazing art on the Rakhi Thali that you will use in your Rakhi tying ceremony with the help of oil paints. To make a captivating Mehandi rakhi thali, all you need to do is-

Mehandi Thali Decoration
  • Choose bright colored oil paints to make these Mehandi designs on Rakhi thali.
  • Take a plain steel thali and paint it with golden or silver fabric color.
  • Once the thali has dried, make beautiful Mehandi patterns on the thali with the help of a thin brush. You can use glitters along with oil paints to enhance the beauty of your thalis. Let the thali to dry!
  • Take little earthen diyas and paint them in the similar Mehandi design pattern.
  • When everything is completely dry, place the containers on the plate and put kumkum and rice in them.
  • Place a diya in the middle of the thali for the aarti decked up with the similar Mehandi design.
  • You can also stick a matching lace on the brim of the plate.
  • Before the puja, place your Rakhis and sweets in the thali to begin the Rakhi ceremony.
7. Marble Puja Thali Decoration

This one is certainly the most creative of all the Puja Thalis for Raksha Bandhan. It requires your creativity along with intricacy to create a Marble Puja Thali that is no less than a masterpiece. All you have to is-

Marble Puja Thali Decoration
  • Take a big white marble tile and take glass paints to make beautiful designs on it.
  • Create multi-colored designs on the tile leaving small spaces to keep diyas, roli, and chawal containers, sweets and rakhi.
  • You can make use of sparkles, stones, and beads to decorate this thali.
  • For the base, you can stick small hard thermacol cubes on the edges.
  • Once everything dries up, you can place Puja items on the thali.
8. Bamboo Rakhi Thali Decoration

As wood is often associated with a long and healthy life, creating an eye-catchy bamboo Rakhi Puja thali is a stunning idea for Raksha Bandhan. This decoration idea is certainly very contemporary as people like subtle decorations rather than overwhelming ones. To create this amazing Puja Thali, follow these steps-

Bamboo Rakhi Thali Decoration
  • Take a Bamboo plate of any shape depending on your choice.
  • Now take a designer piece of cloth to cover the top of the plate. Paste it with the help of fabric glue. Let it dry.
  • Take an elegant lace strap and stick it on the edges of the plate.
  • Take small and colorful earthen pitchers to put rice, kumkum, and turmeric in it.
  • Place Puja items, sweets, diya and rakhi in the plate.
  • Your Puja Thali is all set!
9. Mirror Work Ceramic Thali Decoration

Festivities always come along with products that are shiny, glittery and with mirror work patterns. So, get in the festive mood of Raksha Bandhan and deck your Puja Thalis with charismatic mirror designs for classy and chic celebrations.

Mirror Work Ceramic Thali Decoration
  • Take a white ceramic thali and gather beautiful mirror works to decorate the Rakhi Puja thalis.
  • Paint the ceramic thali with a bright color that is your favorite.
  • Once the paint has dried, now stick the mirror works in your preferred design on the thali.
  • You can decorate the diya with paints and mirror work to resonate with your thali.
  • Use the containers having mirror work for keeping roli and chawal.
  • After everything is in place, you can place your rakhi and sweets in a bowl on the plate.