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How to Make Rakhi

Rakhi is a beautiful pious thread made of silk/cotton colourful thread. To make it appear more fascinating various kinds of designs are weaved on the Rakhi thread. Modern days Rakhis comes with soft silky threads in multi colours, and also with decorative materials, pictures, Zari threads of golden, copper and silver colours.

How to Make Rakhi at Home

It is really easy to make your own rakhi at home. You need some decorative stuff like beads, crystals, fancy motifs, colourful thread or satin ribbon.

Here are a few ideas on how to make rakhi at home.

Fancy Rakhi with beads

Fancy Rakhi with beads

Material required for making Fancy Rakhi with beads

  • Silk threads or Satin Lace
  • Cotton thread
  • Beads /pearls/ sequins
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Steps for making Rakhi

  1. Take a bunch of silk threads, it can be of same coloured, dual coloured or multicolored if you want a colorful rakhi.
  2. Red and yellow are believed to be auspicious colors. You can also take a satin ribbons / laces.
  3. The bunch of threads should be long enough to tie around the wrist.
  4. Secure a tight knot at one end of the thread/lace using the cotton thread.
  5. Cut the extra portions of the folded thread and fluff the open ends with a soft brush.
  6. Divide the other part of the thread/ lace into two equal halves and braid them in desired way.
  7. Tie the other end with the cotton thread and cut the extra loops.
  8. Decorate the central part with beads, sequins or religious motifs.

Your fancy beaded rakhi is ready to tie.

Spiritual Rakhi

Spiritual Rakhi

Materials required for making Spiritual Rakhi

  • Colorful thread
  • 10 golden coloured beads
  • Silver Sequins
  • Small motifs of God or religious symbol like Om and Swastika
  • Fevicol
  • Scissors

Method for making Spiritual Rakhi:

  1. Take the colorful thread and insert 5 golden beads and few silver sequins. Tie a knot at the end of the thread.
  2. Paste the religious picture or symbol on the middle of the thread.
  3. Insert 5 more golden beads & silver sequins on the other side of the thread. Secure it with a knot.

Your home made Spiritual Rakhi is ready to tie.

Teddy Rakhi

Teddy Rakhi

Materials required for making Teddy Bear Rakhi

  • Fevicol
  • Scissors
  • A piece of cloth from dupatta or T-shirt
  • Black bindis
  • Cotton balls
  • Ribbon/ satin lace of any colour
  • Sewing thread and needle
  • Red & golden sparkles tubes

Method for making Teddy Face

  1. Take the piece of an old cloth and fill it with cotton balls. Fold it in a round shape.
  2. Stick black binds for eyes and make lips by using red sparkles.

Method for making the Teddy Bear Rakhi

  1. Smudge some golden sparkles on the teddy face to make it more attractive.
  2. Now, glue and sew the teddy face using needle & thread on the satin lace.

Your Teddy Rakhi is ready to tie.