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Raksha Bandhan is one of the most anticipated festivals in India. The festival is observed by every Indian irrespective of place, creed, religion or region. The festival is the most significant moment for siblings in India. On this day, siblings will send and present gifts and wishes for each other as a sign of love and adoration for the bond and love they share. It is an occasion where people uphold and endorse the relationship of siblings.

Despite being distant, you can connect back with your lovely siblings staying in UK on this forthcoming Rakhi celebration by conveying your feelings to them through gifts. You can Send Rakhi Gifts to UK with www.rakhi.in/rakhi-to-uk/ and discover the real fun of celebrating Raksha Bandhan. You can also deliver enticing Rakhi Sets to UK and other fine-looking Online Rakhi on this portal.

Gifting is very significant and it is a popular practice in Indian festival and even on this upcoming Raksha Bandhan siblings will exchange gifts and prayers as a symbol of love for each other. Rakhi.in has introduced a wonderful collection of online Rakhi gifts through which you can buy and send to UK. Now, take a look at some of the astonishing gifts collection available on this portal:

Gifts for Brother

Brothers are the best human being on earth. They are very caring and loving. For them as a sister, you need to send gifts that are heart-warming and remarkable. Some of the best gifts for brothers are:

  • Gadgets: For your gadget obsessed brother you can send latest and smart gadgets like mobile phone, mp3 player, video game, laptop, tablet, etc. Sending this expensive and essential gift will make them happy.

  • Wrist Watches: You can surprise your brother living in UK with grand looking watch. Watch is an item that is used daily and for your loving brother, wrist watch from brands such as tissot, timex, rolex, fastrack, omega, etc can be a good gift item.

  • Clothes: You can also convey your love and adoration for your brother who is in UK with trendy clothes. You can send him a pair of stylish jeans, t-shirts, sweater or suits. This gift will surly make him realised how precious and sweet you are for him.

  • Wallets and bags: For your fashion minded brother items like fashionable bags or wallets will do him a nice favour. Expressing your love for your brother through this gift will surely elate him.

Gifts for Sister

Sisters are sweetest being, they are trustworthy and sensible. They are very emotional and adorable. Sisters are also obsessed with gifts. For them you can send Rakhi gifts such as:

  • Perfumes: Gifting your sweet sister with a sweet smelling perfume will be the best way to bring smile on her face. Perfume is a common gift item and is very popular among girls. You can remind your sister how adorable she is through this gift.

  • Soft toys: Girls with no exception to your sister are fond of soft toys. You can express your concern for them with cute and admirable soft toys such as minion soft toy, panda soft toy, teddy bear, jumbo soft doll, etc.

  • Personalized gifts: You can also gladden the day of your sister by presenting memorable personalized gifts such as personalized mug, personalized pen stand, personalized pillow, personalized cushion, etc.

  • Good luck plants: Wish your sister luck and bless her with thought evoking good luck plants such as fern tree, bonsai tree, money tree, yellow bamboo plant, etc.

Gifts for Kids

For your little siblings living in UK you can dispatch attractive and adorable gifts such as soft toys (mother elephant soft toy, kitten soft toy, puppy soft toy, etc). You can also send them fascinating gifts such as accessories or apparels. You can also send them playing kits. It can be for indoor or outdoor. Kids love receiving gifts and I’m sure your little siblings living therein will surely be pleased.
Rakhi gift hampers

Last but not the least you can also team up Rakhi with sweets, Rakhi with chocolates, Rakhi with flowers, Rakhi with fruits, Rakhi with dry fruits, etc. These Rakhi gift hampers will surely beautify the event in a magnificent way.

Visit www.rakhi.in and get hold of many exciting online Rakhi gifts for this upcoming Raksha Bandhan festival.

Create a Cherish-able Moment for Your Siblings in UK with Astonishing Rakhi Gifts

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