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Raksha Bandhan is a very important Hindu festival that celebrates the sacred and beautiful relationship that exists between a sister and her brother. According to ancient custom, it has to be celebrated on the first full moon or Purnima in the month of Shravan. The foundation of the Raksha Bandhan festival is the sister tying a sacred thread around her brother’s wrist. This is done to protect the brother from any danger that might befall him.

The tying of this thread which is called the Rakhi, in turn, symbolizes an unspoken vow that the brother must take to protect his beloved sister from any and all evil. In Hindu mythology, there is a rich tapestry of origin stories concerning Rakhi. One very popular story is the story of Yama who is the God of Death and Yamuna, his sister. After Yama was crowned the Lord of Death, his sister Yamuna wept endlessly because she realized that she would not be able to see him again.

Her love and devotion for her brother greatly moved the Gods in heaven, and they decided to bless her and turn her into the Goddess Yamini, the Goddess of the night. As she wept, she cried so much that a river was formed of her tears. This was the birth of the river Yamuna. This story is one of the scores of stories that exist and try to explain the origins of this wonderful festival.

A brother is one of the most comforting presences in the world. He is special and irreplaceable and altogether a diamond. Although he can be extremely irritating and exasperating at times, you know with absolute certainty that if you ever need help and a shoulder to cry on, he will always be there for you. Now, even if you live miles away from your brother, you can send a Rakhi to him and make him feel very special and overjoyed.

This is made possible by lots of wonderful websites who deal in Rakhi delivery in India. When it is the first Raksha Bandhan celebration after your brother’s celebration, how do you plan it? Here are a few ideas which will help you to organize an awesome Bhaiya-Bhabhi Rakhi.

A Strong And Beautiful Bond With Your Sister-In-Law

Lumba Rakhi

When the elder brother is married, then the sister must tie a special rakhi on the bangle of her brother’s wife or bhabhi. This is called a Lumba Rakhi. In Marwari, the word ‘lumba’ means bangle. This is a special type of Rakhi that is only meant for your dear sister-in-law. Originally, the tying of the Lumba Rakhi has been a traditional Marwari custom, but in present times it has recently gained a lot of popularity in other places as well.
Tying a Lumba Rakhi strengthens the bond between you and your Bhabhi and at the same time, it also strengthens and reinvigorates the bonds between all the members of your joint family. A magnificent Bhaiya-Bhabhi Rakhi celebration will be a wonderful chance for your joint family to get together and enjoy themselves.

Tying a Lumba Rakhi reinforces the strength of the bond between you and your Bhabhi, but it also strengthens and beautifies the relationship between your Bhaiya-Bhabhi and also the relationship between you and your brother. This is the reason why it is the perfect ceremony to go through while planning the first Rakhi Ceremony after your brother’s wedding.

First Rakhi Celebration After Bro’s Marriage-How To Plan?

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