Zardosi Rakhi

Every Indian festival is famous for its traditional and religious beliefs. If we talk about Raksha Bandhan, it is also the festival which is celebrated with full customs and traditions all over India. But, with the increasing modernity, the traditional touch from the festivals has lost somewhere. So, this year on Raksha Bandhan, pick those Rakhis which have some traditional values attached to it. So, go for handcrafted Rakhis from the Rakhi collection of 2019 and celebrate your Raksha Bandhan with modernity blended with traditions.

Here some trendy Rakhis are listed below from which you can choose your favorite Rakhi for your brother to make this year’s Raksha Bandhan a little unique.

(1.) Zardosi Rakhi: 

Zardosi handcrafted Rakhis are the Rakhis which are designed with beautiful and heavy zardosi work. It is a type of elaborated metal embroidery which is done of either silk base or velvet fabric base. This work makes Rakhis look super stunning and beautiful.

(2.) Bangle Lumba Rakhi: 

You must have spotted the beautiful hangings dangling from the bangles of women. This dangle is not part of the bangle set. They are the beautiful Lumba Rakhis which are meant only for sister-in-law. Bangles are recreated and converted into the adorable bangle Lumba Rakhi.

(3.) Zari work Rakhi: 

Rakhis prepared using Zari work looks commendable. Basically, Zari work is the work of golden or silver threads which are woven over silk base to create patterns and designs. These handcrafted Rakhis are very popular and trending nowadays.

(4.) Motif Rakhi: 

The handcrafted motif Rakhis is the beautiful artwork of motifs which are based on a particular theme. Basically, motifs are something which is used as icons to describe a particular theme. These motifs can be spiritual, pearled, stoned, or of many other designs.

(5.) Wooden Rakhi: 

Wooden Rakhis is the traditional artwork of wood converted into a beautiful piece of Rakhi. These Rakhis look very classic and decent and are also trending now. Even there are sandalwoods Rakhis which smells refreshing.

(6.) Quilled Rakhi: 

Quilling is the paper artwork which involves the use of paper strips that are rolled to make designs. These designs are then glued on some silk or velvet surface to make beautiful Rakhis.

(7.) Gota Rakhi: 

Gota work is basically a Rajasthan originated style which uses small pieces of zari work attached to the edges to make unique designs. Gota embroidery work gives Rakhis a nice and decent texture which makes them look even more beautiful.

(8.) Embroidered Rakhi: 

Embroidery is an Indian style of work which uses metal strips, quills, pearls, beads, and other materials sewed together to make beautiful and decorative artwork. Embroidered Rakhis are the blend of modernity with traditional work which makes them perfect for Raksha Bandhan.

(9.) Silk Thread Weave Rakhi: 

Silk has been used for thousands of years for making decorative and clothing items. Making Rakhis using silk thread is an old technique but nowadays this tradition is back in our homes. So, this Raksha Bandhan picks a beautiful handcrafted silk Rakhi and enjoy the traditional zeal of the festival.

So, what is your thought about these handcrafted Rakhis? Aren’t they super dazzling? If yes, then choose your favorite one from the above-mentioned options and surprise your brother with these unique and adorable Rakhis. These Rakhis are also included in the top Rakhi collection of 2k19 which means they are the trendiest Rakhis of this year. So, don’t think twice and grab your favorite one. If you want to send these Rakhis to your brother who is living in some foreign country, then you can take help from the online Rakhi store Rakhi.In which have wide varieties of Rakhis and Rakhi gift hampers.

Recreate the Traditional Zeal of Festival with These Handcrafted Rakhis

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