None in this universe can match the bond that you share with your brother or sister. Siblings are your first friend, who keeps your dark secrets, who fight with you over silly things, who teases you, mocks you. From calling each other adopted and fighting over who mother and father love most, this rivalry never ends. But in the very next moment, they act like your well-wisher, motivator, guide and plays many such roles in your life, and often saves you from mother’s slippers and father’s anger. This sibling bond is such an incredible creation of the Lord and pious like the river Ganges. And at the end, you get to know that you have their back protecting you; no matter how badly you clash, they are always there for you in your hard times.

This Raksha Bandhan adds more spice to your relationship with some exciting and funny memes. Share these memes with your siblings and make them laugh. So, let’s begin with relatable memes:

1. Well, the fight over who gets the TV gets Old!! It does not matter what age you and your sibling possess. And it’s still a mystery who is the actual owner of the remote!!

2. It is well-known that your sister never forgets, keeps your dark secret, and often uses it to blackmail you. And a brother is trying to convince her had a face.

3. Sometimes, your sibling becomes the most irritating person on the Earth, and the next moment he becomes your lifeguard.

4. That moment when your crush says Happy Raksha Bandhan.

5. When you are being a Sakht Launda and dares to come out of the house.

6. That’s how a Girl feels on Rakhi day

7. Le sister’s before tying Rakhi, on Raksha Bandhan

8. After tying Rakhi, when a brother gives a gift to their sister. All sisters are be like

9. When your Crush wants to meet you for the first time and chooses the day of Raksha Bandhan and sister has a face.

10. Bro-zone se bachne ki Ninja Technique.

11. On Raksha Bandhan, the happiest person on the Earth had a face.

12. When mother warns you to behave appropriately with your sister on Rakhi.

13. After tying Rakhi, all sisters be like.

14. After the Rakhi ceremony, brother’s be like.

15. The very time when a sister cooks something from Youtube, all brothers be like.

16. When your sister has a pet fish, and later she does not find it in Fish pot.

Conclusion: How many have Raksha Bandhan memes found relatable? Share these with your friends, siblings on Raksha Bandhan and celebrate the festival with joy and happiness. Happy Raksha Bandhan from the Rakhi.in family.

Celebrate Raksha Bandhan with these 16 Funny Memes!!

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