India is known as the land of festivals and is famous for its rich art, culture, and traditions worldwide. For every festival, Indians choose to plan everything in advance and days before so that they can get everything right and perfectly. From Holi to Diwali; every festival celebrated here with zest and enthusiasm. And, this same goes with Raksha Bandhan as well. So, with the festival of Rakhi dwelling around, everyone must have started with the preparations of Raksha Bandhan and are geared up to celebrate this most awaited festive occasion with loved ones. In the aisles preparations, one most important thing that comes prior to Rakhi shopping and cooking tasty meals is, of course, making your home festival ready by decorating it as home decoration for Raksha Bandhan plays a very important role to make every special day more special.

Raksha Bandhan is the celebration of one of the most sacred bonds that might not be connected via blood but, is maintained with equal rigor as that of blood-related relations. This is what the beauty of the Indian tradition and culture is and this is what known as the charm of brother and sister relationship. Have you ever looked back at your childhood and get those flashbacks having amazing memories of the priceless moments where you and your siblings have spent outstand time together; fighting and squabbling. So, this year, why not to cherish all those special and hearty moments with your siblings again and this time in an all new home that is decorated by you! If you also like this idea and are into it, then you know the drill that you need some home decoration ideas for Raksha Bandhan that will have to give a new life to your place and this will also turn out to be an amazing surprise for your cousins and siblings.

Now, there is no need to be in deep research and so as you have only a half month to set your home and make it Raksha Bandhan ready as Rakhi is on 11th August. So, we have got this covered for you as here are some amazing Raksha Bandhan Thali decoration tips and ideas that are going to be your savior for this year. So, without wasting any more time, let us get started and take the first step to rejuvenate your home:

1. Pooja Room

Very firstly, the main thing that is to be decorated is your pooja room as Rakhi tying ceremony and Rakhi poojan will be performed there only. So, here are some tips listed that will help you to make your pooja room more beautiful and festival ready:

Pooja Room

Start with the Pooja Room

The very first thing that you should focus on for preparing your Pooja room for the Raksha Bandhan celebration is the spot where you would take your brother to pray to god for his longevity well-being. Your temple will be cleaned thoroughly and should be well decorated will full auspicious fragrances of the incense sticks that will infuse the festive vibe to the celebration.

Decorate your Rakhi pooja thali on your own

For the Rakhi pujan and Rakhi tying ceremony, you will do the aarti of God and then of your brother followed by adorning his forehead with a holy spot that is followed by Rakhi tying ceremony. So, to begin the celebration, you need a beautiful Rakhi thali that is beautifully decorated. Well, many pooja thalis are available in the market. But, if you want to make the moment more special, then you can prepare your thali on your own. On this plate, you need to keep Rakhi, Diya, kumkum, rice, and some sweets for the rakhi tying ceremony.

2. Main Entrance

After setting up your pooja room, it is the time to decorate your main entrance as your guests will enter from there and only, and if the main door will be decorated properly, then it will add more charm to your festival.

Main Entrance

So, let us have a look at you can decorate your main entrance:

Decorate the main entrance with colorful torans

Torans are the ones that you will found almost in all the Hindu festivals and Raksha Bandhan is one of them. They are considered as a sweet gesture of welcoming the guests and are also very auspicious to be included in the auspicious festivals. You can find them in many shapes and colors and decorated with amazing embellishments when hung on the entrance, looks super beautiful and amazing.

Make a Rangoli with flowers

Rangolis that are drawn at the entrance are of high significance as they scientifically have a calming effect on the visitors and will have a soothing effect on their minds. Almost for every festival, making rangoli is needed as it is a pre-requisite and, for Raksha Bandhan as well, the main entrances are decorated and made holy by embellishing it will a colorful rangoli. This year, you can make Rangoli with flowers and it will give a whole different look to your decoration and will add warmth to your place.

3. Hall

Ones you are done with decorating your main pooja room and the main entrance of your home, let us give some time to the hall where your guests will be seated and will have tea and snacks and, of course, the gift opening ceremony will be done there only.

Hall decoration

So, let us dig into some useful hall decoration tips for Rakhi celebration:

Make your hall a little livelier and bright with green plants

If you are bored with curtains and all blingy stuff and are searching for a unique way to make your hall more presentable and attractive, then by placing some indoor plants and some fresh flowers; you can get the job done perfectly. Plants will surely brighten up your house instantly and will infuse your personality and some natural touch to your place. With plants around, you will not only decorate your home but will also add a very refreshing look to it, where your guests will love to sit and spend time. After plants, you can also add vases with fresh flowers in them to add some colorful vibe to the room and the sweet pleasing aroma of the flowers will make the environment more beautiful for sure.

Use fairy lights to add some sober bling

Tinted and toned fairy lights are the best option to go with if you are looking for a way to jazz up your place by balancing the festive look and maintaining the serenity and decency. Fairy lights always come handy when any place is to be made festival ready as they can be used to spruce up entrances, balconies, windows, and doors to complete the look of your place.

Experiment with colors to brighten up your hall

By adding a little bit of different shades and colors here and there, you can change the entire look of the hall even though you will only play with your walls. Adding colors that match your theme will surely make a huge difference in the overall decoration and the final look of the house. If you are not into changing the color of your house, then you can gear up your place by adding bright cushions and wall hangings to make your hall look super amazing.

Add traditional vibe to the celebration with Indian paintings

Indian festivals are all about showcasing rich culture and heritage of India and being an Indian, everyone loves to have some old and vintage kinda décor pieces in their house. If you are not having any one of them to decorate your house, then get some from Rajasthan and add colorful Indian look your hall. You can also buy one to play with the colors of your chosen theme and it will gear up your festival decoration for sure.

Add colorful rugs and carpet to complete the look

If your floor mats and carpets are not going with the theme, then they are worth investing in as you change the curtains and cushion covers, you can this time experiment with rugs and carpets to give your hall an elegant look. This is indeed one of the simplest ways to add beauty to your celebration.

4. Whole House

After you have done with the pooja room, your main entrance, and your hall; it is the time to get your whole place Rakhi ready as not one or two rooms but the whole house is going to create the major impact.

Whole House decoration

So, let us have a look at what we can add or change in the whole house to make it Raksha Bandhan ready:

Clean the entire house

At this point, it is worth mentioning an old quote from the grandmothers’ diary-

“A clean home is where the god is!”

To shower the blessing of God on your home and family members, the first and foremost thing that is to be done starts with cleaning up the room. This will not only impress God but will also result in a cleaner, safer and healthier celebration, more in a way our parents like. So, start cleaning your place at least a week before so that you can get all the unwanted things and make the place looks more presentable and welcoming for all the guests.

Add more red and yellow in your home

As both the red and yellow colors are considered auspicious as per the Hindu Mythology, it is recommended to base your decorations on these two colors to give your place that holy and festive vibe that will automatically make the celebration blissful. You can experiment with the rugs, wall arts and paintings, cushion covers, and torans to get the job done.

Add traditional and festive home décor pieces

If you will explore the market and try to find traditional or decor pieces with festive embellishments, then you will come across a plethora of options. But, from that, you have to pick the ones that belong to your theme of decoration i.e. red and yellow, and in order to give your home a look of festivity. Go very simple and basic that speak of the festival like flowers, lights, paintings, wind chimes, centerpieces, paper lanterns, etc and you are all set to decorate your home.

Rearrangements are equal to the rejuvenation and newer look

It is not always required to spend thousands to make your place look festive ready and beautiful. It is only a matter of little rearranging that will add more uniqueness to your place like you can rearrange your furniture and the place of sofa or center table a bit and it will change the entire look of the house.

Try to make your place more personal and welcoming

As Raksha Bandhan is the festival that brings everyone closer and speaks of togetherness, it is better to make your place more welcoming and comfortable where everyone can relax and celebrate leaving behind all the stress and anxiety. Add your personal touch to the festival by serving handmade sweets that will show your love and pure feelings. You can also try making Rakhis at home or can decorate pooja thali that will make the festival more special.

One General Tip

Don’t Spend All of It

Decorating your home can be a pocket heavy task if you are not having a proper budget or have not planned in a way that you don’t want to go over budget. Also, festive decorations are for the time being and they won’t last for so long and that is why; spending so much on it will not be that worth once the occasion is over. So do not get overexcited and make good use of your money while decorating your home for Raksha Bandhan.

For this, here are some money saving tips give that you can consider while getting your home ready for Raksha Bandhan:

  • Use the things you have with you at your home like vases and get them filled with fresh flowers to decorate different rooms.
  • Try changing the curtains and this will change the whole look of your place.
  • You can set up your place in more traditional way to give it a festive vibe.
  • Decorate your place with your family and siblings’ pictures to surprise them

All these ideas listed above, if followed properly, will surely make your festival more amazing and awesome and that too without going over budget. As India is home to many festivals and all are the medium for family togetherness and happiness, especially Raksha Bandhan. This is the time to celebrate your beautiful relationship with siblings and relive all those memories of childhood when you have done so much of masti. And, to get started for the celebration, there is no way more perfect than decorating your home and make it more charming and occasion appropriate. Yes, this requires a little bit of your efforts, but when you see the final result and the happiness on everyone’s face, all those efforts will be worth it. And, in all this, these decorations and Raksha Bandhan celebration ideas will be very helpful, for sure.

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This is the aura of this day that makes it so auspicious and when you can do a lot, then why not do it! Simply renovate your place for the welcoming of your siblings and have the best Raksha Bandhan ever!!

Raksha Bandhan Home Decoration: Make Your Home Festive Ready with These Tips & Tricks!!

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